Momtrepreneur Productivity Ideas to Get You Through A Quarantine

Momtrepreneur Planner Quarantine Productivity Ideas

Our world is facing some pretty crazy times right now, and I feel like as moms, especially mom entrepreneurs, we are facing the grunt of it.If you weren’t already, on top of all the other hats you wear on a daily and weekly basis as a mom and business owner, you are now a home school teacher, a recreational sports coach and full-time entertainer! Oh what fun!

So how do we do this?How do we survive this quarantine as mom entrepreneurs?I’m not sure if I have the answer to that, but the one thing I know for sure, is that you need to give yourself a whole lotta GRACE!!

A few days in & I’ve already had plenty of rough moments, mostly guilty moments, but this list has helped me and I hope it helps you too!So here it goes!

Quarantine Ideas List for Mom Entrepreneurs

The Daily Essentials | Do Each Daily
  • Shower & get ready
  • Do & fold 1 load of laundry
  • Wash & put away dishes
  • Keep up with customer correspondence
  • Keep up with orders / services
  • Make sure kids take care of basic academics
  • Give kids baths & bedtime cuddles
For The Kids | Do At Least 1 Daily
  • Color
  • Draw
  • Do a puzzle
  • Go for a walk
  • Do yoga
  • Do YouTube exercise videos
  • Play a sport outside
  • Read books
  • Play a video game
  • Watch a movie
  • Play a board game
  • Play cards
  • Play hide & seek
  • Play hide & find the objects
  • Teach a new skill
  • Bake something
  • Cook a meal
  • Do a craft
  • Have a dance party
  • Do yard work
  • Prepare a garden
  • Bubble bath party
  • Bathtub games
  • Build a fort
  • Make smores
  • Make ice cream sundaes
  • Ride bikes
  • Make cards for each other
  • Write & send letters to family
  • Play keep up the balloon
  • Have a sword / lightsaber fight
  • Have a nerf gun war
  • Have a snowball-sock fight
Personal Development & Self-Care | Do At Least 1 Daily
  • Make a vision board
  • Write down your goals
  • Create an action plan
  • Read a book
  • Watch a webinar
  • Take an online course
  • Watch empowering YouTube videos
  • Learn something new
  • Journal
  • Meditate
  • Take a walk by yourself
  • Go for a run by yourself
  • Do yoga by yourself
  • Take a bath
  • Paint your nails
  • Do something creative
For the Business | Do At Least 2 Weekly
  • Update your website
  • Add photos to your website
  • Write a blog article
  • Start a newsletter
  • Create a content calendar
  • Create content for the future
  • Publish free content to grow email list
  • Build your Pinterest page
  • Build your social media following
  • Create a new product / design / service
  • Record some videos
  • Engage with your followers
  • Follow some new social accounts
  • Update your accounting
  • Reevaluate your pricing for profit
Around the House | Do At Least 2 Weekly
  • Clean fridge
  • Organize pantry
  • Clean junk drawers
  • Go through clothes in closets & dressers
  • Organize linen closets
  • Setup home emergency binder
  • Setup home maintenance binder
  • Evaluate family finances & create budget
  • Organize pictures
  • Create memory books
  • Do some yard work
  • Plant a garden
  • Sort & organize paperwork piles
  • Clean Garage
  • Make a family meal binder



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