The 2 Lists for Kids That Will Save You Time Every Single Day

Kid's Breakfast and Lunch ideas

If your days look anything like mine did, then I picture your mornings reciting ALL THE AVAILABLE BREAKFAST & LUNCH OPTIONS for your kiddos to prepare them for their day.  This would be the case every single morning for me.  I’d ask my son what he would like for breakfast & I’d get shot back with the undying question of “what is there?”

After I would recite EVERY SINGLE OPTION & he’d sit there in question with himself for a few minutes and finally make a choice, I’d serve him up his breakfast & then dread what was next….”Now what would you like for lunch?” URGH!!!!!!


Breakfast and Lunch Menus for Kids

In an effort to take this daily struggle & mental weight off my shoulders, I created 2 separate power list menus that included all of our normal staple breakfast & lunch items.  Things like cereal with milk, oatmeal, yogurt with berries, etc.  And for lunch it included things like, ham and cheese sandwich, peanut butter and jelly sandwich, chicken and rice, and more.

Each morning when we’d get up, while using our back-to-school routine cards (you can download your FREE routine cards HERE!) when it came time for breakfast he would go to his menus & choose his 2 meals for the day & continue on with his routine while myself or my husband got everything ready.

BOOM!  It literally became that simple!!

If your little ones are too little to read

Granted, when we first started with this idea, my little dude was a little too little to read, so instead of just a list, I included pictures with each item so he knew what it was.

This accomplished the same idea & allowed for his own independence from as young as 4 years old!

Saving you time, energy and the Mother Mental Load

When you brain dump lists as simple as these breakfast & lunch menus for your kids, (1) you’re relieving your brain of having to carry this list as mental weight, and (2) you’re making your daily routine 10x’s easier for yourself! Just these two lists alone can save you countless hours of your precious time & loads of weight off your shoulders!

Your FREE Kid’s Breakfast and Lunch Menus Worksheets

Coming up with these menus only takes a few minutes up front, but they will save you that bitter sweet precious time in the long run, I promise you that!  I even created some simple worksheets for you to use!

These worksheets not only include instructions on how to fill out and use these kid’s menus, but they also include sample breakfast and lunch ideas for kids too!


If you use them, don’t forget to let me know what you think!  Share with me on Instagram!  I love seeing how you put these to use!  Just don’t forget to tag me @MomtrepreneurPlanner ❤️ 

My whole hope for you is that you continue to shed that heavy load of mental weight we all tend to carry as mom entrepreneurs & make life easier without the added stress of simple every day tasks!

Can’t wait to chat back here soon mommas!

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