Laurie Castillo

Creator of the Momtrepreneur Planner


Hi Mommas!  And thank you so much for stopping by!  My name is Laurie and I am a mom to an amazingly smart and handsome 4 year old boy, wife to a strong and incredibly talented photographer and videographer, and an entrepreneur with a crazy mind for ideas and building businesses.

On Crazy Ideas & Being an Entrepreneur

I actually find the word “entrepreneur” to be funny because, for myself, I know it means strength, a willingness to be different and take risks, a willingness to seek out opportunities and fight for what you believe in, to be able to do something you love doing while working for yourself.  I often feel though, that to others, an entrepreneur like me is seen as a crazy person, a person who can’t hold a job or lock down a career working for someone else.  They’re always doing something new, something crazy, taking another chance, often asking “what’s next?”  But to me, that’s ok.  That’s part of the excitement.  My dad once said, “you gotta just keep throwing things at the wall and eventually something will stick.” He’s an entrepreneur with crazy ideas too, having owned his own business with my mom for over 40 years now, so it’s really no wonder where I get it from. 

On Education & Dating My Husband

After graduating from high school, I got a sales job at a little cell phone kiosk at the mall where I learned and attribute so much of my ability of being able to talk and relate to customers.  I also started school at the California State University, Fullerton, where I found myself lost most the time, bouncing from major to major, but settling in towards working for a degree in mathematics to teach secondary education.  At that the same time, I started dating my, now, husband (we actually met when I was only 2, but that’s a whole other story for another time).  Along with his tough-guy exterior, his entrepreneurial spirit was one of the things that truly drew me to him the most, and still does to this day.

Together we opened a cell phone store which flopped, but thankfully managed to break even on, and a screen printing company that flourished, but took too much of our time, so we sold it for profit to focus on our education and careers…or so we thought.  My husband is my biggest supporter today and my partner when it comes to believing in crazy ideas and chasing our dreams.

On Working for Someone Else & Being A Mom

Somewhere in between selling the printing company, and continuing my education, I began working with a friend to build his plumbing company.  After just 3 years, as a team, we took his company from a tiny warehouse with just the 2 of us, to a 12-person 7-figure company.  And while working to build his dream, taking it on like my own, I found my real passion in building businesses.  Meanwhile, after years of praying and hoping for my husband and I, along came our son, and he became the priority.

Motherhood is no joke though.  You hear people say it.  You see “those moms”, but I found, first hand, that it truly is the toughest job in the world.  Especially for a Type-A personality like myself.  I was used to things falling in line.  I fed off of organization and order, but here he was, all 8 pounds, 1 ounce of him, ready to test my strength and abilities.  And to this day, he still does!  He has taught me so much though too.  Patience, believing in yourself in new endeavors, learning, and growing without question or restraint.  He is my daily driving force and motivation.  As for work though, well, things fell into place there too…

On Working for Myself & Trying to Balance

In July of 2015, my paternal grandmother, my family’s matriarch passed away at 89 years old.  She was everything to us, so I created a tiny little memorial keepsake flower seed packet to share with everyone at her services, and after her services I posted it online, and those little seed packets took off.  With my 2 sister’s we started our company, Gloria’s Garden, in honor of our grandmother, and slowly grew the company.  Since then, and to this day, it has allowed me to quit my job with the plumbing company, and pursue my own dream of building a business and working for myself.  That’s where things got even more crazy though…

Trying to raise a baby and a business, maintain a household and continue my own personal development was a chore to say the least.  Trying to find the “balance” that everyone talks about was not easy.  With 50 tabs open in my brain at any given moment, I was constantly writing things down in multiple planners, notebooks, sticky notes, scratch papers, the back of receipts, wherever I could find space.  Writing things down helped keep my sanity, but I quickly discovered that it wasn’t balance that I needed….

On Integrating Life & the Birth of the Momtrepreneur Planner

The problem with trying to balance life, is that no matter how well you do, you will always lose balance at some point, so I began thinking of ways to integrate the various aspects of my life instead: my family, my business, and my entrepreneurial spirit that has a constant yearning for personal development.  But I couldn’t find a notebook or planner that “had it all,” so the mountain of sticky notes and notepads continued to grow.

With much appreciation to my mother-in-law for introducing me to the world of customizing planners and gifting me a custom notebook she created, I had the idea to create my own.  After talking candidly to a couple of other Momtrepreneur friends, it became apparent, that maybe I wasn’t the only one who needed something like this.  And so there went my entrepreneurial spirit and the Momtrepreneur Planner was born!

My Humble Thanks

It’s been quite the journey, but I am very humbled for where I am today and I thank you all so very much for your support of me and my crazy idea!  I hope you enjoy your Momtrepreneur Planner.  I hope it helps you integrate your life the way it helped me, and if you EVER see the need for other page ideas, please reach out to me HERE!!  Your support means the world to me!  Thank you so very much again!

Laurie Castillo

Creator of Momtrepreneur Planner