The Power of Gratitude

Kids Gratitude Worksheet

Why Gratitude?

It doesn’t matter where you look, the benefits of practicing gratitude are immense.

  • Increased happiness
  • Positive mood
  • Better physical health
  • Better sleep
  • Less fatigue
  • Lower levels of inflammation

  • Greater resiliency
  • Less materialistic
  • Less likely to burnout
  • Encourages patience
  • Encourages humility
  • Increased satisfaction with life


But by far the most powerful of all of these benefits, is its ability to help you manifest all of the desires in your life.  In fact, the fastest way to manifest anything in your life, is to be grateful for the things you already have in it!

Grateful Quote

The universe is an extremely powerful being and it matches everything we put out there.  I like to call it a “yes man.”  Whatever you send out into the universe, the universe says “yes, ok,” and send the equivalent back.  So we need to make sure to focus on the good. 

It is actual science that states that the thoughts we choose vibrate at certain frequencies and attract other thoughts, objects and beings that vibrate at that same frequency (hello…Law of Attraction!). It’s no wonder then, that when we practice gratitude daily and focus on the good in our lives, our vibrations attract similar vibrations and more good finds its way in!  If that isn’t reason enough, I’m not sure what is! 


So it’s time to start making gratitude practice a daily staple in your life, like brushing your teeth or taking a shower.  It’s not always easy though and it may feel fake at times, but it’s important to not only start, but continually make this an every day habit.

Start where you are. Start small.  Whatever it takes.  Just start.  

Here are 16 ways you can practice gratitude in your life starting today:

  1. Give thanks for 5-10 things every morning
  2. Start a gratitude journal
  3. Write what you are grateful for each day in your planner
  4. Take a 15 minute gratitude walk
  5. Speak gratitude while taking a shower
  6. Give thanks for 5-10 things every night
  7. Write everything you are grateful for from the past week in your planner
  8. Start a gratitude list adding 1 new thing daily
  9. Create a dry erase gratitude board for the house
  10. Create a gratitude collage
  11. Before you eat name 3 things you are grateful for
  12. Create a gratitude jar
  13. Fill out gratitude prompts
  14. Find a gratitude object, like a rock, carry it with you and every time you touch it pause to give thanks for something
  15. Meditate on your gratefulness
  16. Write a letter once a week to someone expressing your gratitude for them

Do you want to improve your life? 

Are you ready to begin helping yourself overcome the mental roadblocks that are holding you back? 

It’s definitely time to start practicing gratitude!



I am so excited to share with you this free printable gratitude worksheet.  It includes a daily gratitude list for 10 things and 3 people and “the best part of my day to focus on” section. Printed 2 to a page, it’s a great start to begin practicing gratitude every day!


Gratitude Worksheet

Kids Gratitude Worksheet



Prints 2 to a sheet and includes a list of helpful topics to get kids thinking.
Have them draw a picture or write.
It’s a great way to start the habit of daily gratitude practice early.

Did you find this article helpful?  I’d love to share more!  Make sure to leave a comment below and check that notification box!  I can’t wait to connect with you!  

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