Momtrepreneur Mentorship Welcome Page

Hey Momma!  AND WELCOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  This page is here to help you get acquainted with everything you need for the Momtrepreneur Mentorship Group!  If you have any questions at all, or need any help at all with accessing any of the group pages or resources, please reach out ASAP!  It does take a little while to get acquainted, so don’t get overwhelmed.  There’s definitely a lot in here for you & I truly cannot thank you enough again for joining us!  Can’t wait to see you on a call soon!


Weekly Calls

Every week we have a LIVE group call where we share, learn & grow together.  Some weeks will include live workshops, others might include Guest Expert calls, so make sure to save this call link below in a safe place for easy access every week.




Monthly Call Calendar

Every month we post our call calendar for the next month in our group chat as well as our Mentorship Resource Guide (which you can read about below).  In addition, you will be sent individual calendar invites so you can add them directly.  Dates & times vary, so as soon as we put out the call calendar, we will remind you to check your email, add those meetings to your calendars, mark those planners, ⏰ set those alarms & reminders & make sure to show up! ??



24/7 Group Chat

Currently our group chat is hosted in an Instagram chat group, but we will be migrating soon to a different platform.  We will keep you posted!  Our group chat is a private chat for group members only to share, learn & grow with each other (we like to have fun in here too ?).  You will be added to this group ASAP!  So keep an eye out!



Mentorship Resource Guide

Now for the sauciest part of this package! Our Momtrepreneur Mentorship Resource Guide!  This comes in the form of a Google Doc where you can access group member info, catch ALLLL of our past live recordings, get guest expert information, access Laurie’s mom entrepreneur book list recommendations, plus many other resources!! You will be granted access to the Google Doc ASAP!  So keep an eye out!



Any questions? Or need any help?

If you have any questions or need any help, the fasted way to contact is probably through Instagram DMs. Or simply EMAIL us & we will get back to you ASAP!

Thank you sooooooo very much again for being here momma!  Can’t wait to chat soon!!