Laurie’s Favorites

Hey! I’m Laurie, your favorite small business cheerleader!  Below are a few of my favorite things as a busy & bustling mom entrepreneur.  Click the links and get yourself in on some of this action & then lmk whatcha think! 

Books to read

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for the kids

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Kids Hanging Clothes Organizer

Kid’s clothing organizer to make your mornings a little less chaotic while instilling independency in our little ones.  Set it & forget it!  No more struggling to decide what to wear every morning or digging through the laundry!

Hanging Pocket Chart for Kids Routines

Relieve the morning chaos & create a visual routine chart for your little ones!  Kids thrive on routines, create yours today using this simple hanging pocket chart & my FREE kid’s routine cards!

Remove all the paper cutter & create lasting memory capsules for your kids!  Grab a hanging file storage box & start saving all the memories in a nice, neat & tidy way, without all the chaotic clutter!

Take your kids memory boxes one step further with hanging file folders that are separated by each year of your child’s life, or by school year to make saving memories that much easier & organized!

for the office

There are so many benefits to keeping plants around, especially in your office space.  Use these decorative hanging plant holders to keep them off your desk, but still in plain, beautiful sight!

It’s so much more fun when you have a cute retro keyboard to get your work done on!  These come in multiple color combos to give your office the color kick it needs!

Waterless Essential Oil Diffuser

Open up your senses & breathe in the wonderful benefits of aroma therapy in your office space.  From clearing your mind to helping you focus, a waterless oil diffuser with the right scent for you can work wonders in your office space!

Mini labels for the win!  So affordable & so easy to use!  Print everything from pictures to QR codes for your business!  It makes life easier, more organized & a lot more fun!

for building better systems

15-Minute Hour Glass Timer

Half the battle of getting things done is just getting STARTED!  Trick your mind to do just that by setting a timer!  And what better way than using a cute decorative one like this one in your office!

Improper accounting is the top reason for small business failure!  Don’t let the slow bleed of poor money management be a factor in your business health.  Sign up for Quickbooks today & let’s jump on a FREE call to get you started!  (After purchase simply send me a message & as a Quickbooks affiliate, I can help get you going!)